The White Book of Light



The White Book of Light: An Initiatory Source Material For The New Age is the divine legislative accord for the new age and the transitory awakening of mankind from veils of forgetting into full unified remembering. It is a universal guideline and carries the original blueprints for the founding of civilisations and the anchoring of unity consciousness on earth.

It serves the collective realignment from the distorted space-time matrixes that we have embraced as life into the full undistorted unity of Heaven on earth.

It is a channelled piece of Source Material that aligns the reader to Creation through their own divine presence.

Authors Note

This book is written with the highest reverence and respect for Gaia, Soul, Spirit and Creation. It is a channelled Source Material that facilitates the quantum and unified embrace of the reader’s highest potential. Through its presence, it will align the reader to and into high communion with themselves and spirit without interference. The co-signatory nature of this book makes space for the collective quantum advancements and leaps in soul development and growth. From my heart to yours, may The White Book of Light bless your path and the highest good of all involved.

Solomon Arthur Kingston

The White Book of Light serves as a deep remembrance of our Original Blueprint while shifting the reader on a cellular level. I've enjoyed reading this text multiple times now, and, each time feels like a profound clearing, healing, activation and attunement, all in one! This book is an incredible resource for us in our ascension journey that supports both a reset and remembrance of our Divine Creation Power. 

Aly Wilkins

Initiator, Oracle and Priestess

Holy wow. A powerful light transmission that will create profound shifts in consciousness. Completely unique, beautifully written and laced with the high frequency of love. I recommend making dedicated time and space to journey with this book so that its gifts can be fully received. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of their purpose and remember who they truly are. 

Safiya Mary Rose

Reading the book of light is like going on a spiritual journey where each part of the book made me experience diffrent energies coming up to the surface, bringing healing and deep reflection.  The content is timeless information which you can come back to and experience anew. A real lightboost for the soul and a really helpful ascension guide.

Anna Bergman