The Royal Dragon Tribe of Avalon

The Royal Dragon Tribe of Avalon are the primordial bearers of The Holy Grail and the Royal Dragon Codex that was anchored unto Gaia through the descent of Dragons from the higher realms to the earth plane. The Descendants of The Royal Dragon Tribe carry this Source codex in their blood and when the time is right their royal bloodline dragon coding will begin to awaken and activate. This awakening spurs the the transition of the initiate and descendant from the life they were living into maturity through their kingship and queenship. 


Our Guides for the introduction of The Royal Dragon Tribe are Awenden and Jerusalen, they guard the gate at the central zero point matrix of Avalon for all descendants and initiates of The Royal Dragon Tribe of Avalon. Beginning this journey takes place in spiral initiation and uniform to unify the individuals consciousness with the highest mysteries of Creation. In this unification they honour and hold the primordial creative power and dragon force the Tribe bears and carries for Creation. 


The stellar and celestial star coding and braiding in their blood naturally attracts and magnetises other descendants of The Royal Dragon Tribe, this is because descendants  incarnate serve Creation and The Great Mystery in pairs. Each pair acting as divine counterparts and mirrors throughout the tribes royal bloodline dragon codex become guardians and gatekeepers of Avalon, of The Land and The Holy Grail.


As an Oracle of The Royal Dragon Tribe and The Highest Mysteries in Creation I send this message out to all descendants and initiates that are ready embrace this remembering. 

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