The Kings Roundtable of Avalon is the anchoring and settling place of Initiate Kings of Avalon through the land and high temple mystery school that is deeply woven into the Source matrix of Creation. It is through this field that Avalonian King souls may return to the land to be re-initiated.

Avalon, known as being one of the 7 sacred isles of Eden holds through its body the mysteries of creation that are steeped in magic, lore and the original primordial dragon creation codex. This is because Avalon is centered at the focal point of Creation that holds and stabilises the micro and macro cosmic energy lines, collective psyche and Source records for Gaia.

Through these codes in the land, those who seek truly in the purity of their heart to know themselves more deeply will be shown through the land as a clear mirror and codex for the Great Mystery of Creation. For ages and eons initiates (the term used to identify students of the mysteries of creation), druids, priests and priestesses of all forms, titles, lineages and places throughout the world have gathered and pilgrimaged to the holy isle to know themselves and creation more deeply.


The Stewardship

The Stewardship Initation are for those Kings ready to embrace the codes of the land into their lives, temples, bodies and hearts as they begin their journey of unifying with the land through deepening their relationship and remembering in conscious awareness and and co-creation with the mysteries of Creation. It is the first layer of unifying with the land through Communion, Ritual and Initiation.

The Guardianship

The High Guardianship are for those Kings ready to embrace their knighthood as guardians, protectors and pillars for The Lady of The Lake, the land, Gaia and Avalon. This includes initiation through the planes and dimensions into the psychic arts for divine protection, templating and for the receiving of the tools, lessons, knowledge and experience necessary to hold the original template of Avalon through the land in a safe, pure and clear container.

The High Priesthood

The High Priesthood Initiation are for those Kings ready to embrace the highest unified anchoring of the Avalon mysteries. This includes the immersion spirals of stewardship and guardianship as a part of their Avalon initiations into the Brotherhood of the Rose.

The Unification includes the High Communion with the Sacred Feminine through the land through Sacred Union, Ritual and Initiation


Transmissions and Activations


Solomon will be offering 3 Kings Rountable Transmissions and Activations every year to facilitate the anointing, endowment and rising of Kings consciousness and coding throughout the collective consciousness.

2022 Dates


April 1st 
September 31st
December 21st