The Magdalene Priesthood

The Magdalene Priesthood has always been protected and guarded with the highest secrecy. This was to protect the priests from the influence of priesthoods unprepared, misaligned and carrying ill intent towards the power of the sacred feminine mysteries of Creation.

Initiates of the magdalene priesthood are fully initiated into the sacred feminine mysteries of Creation. They become the vessel for the magdalene sword as protectors of the priestesses initiated through the wings of Auset, Isis, She of 10,000 names and the covenant of Mary Magdalene’s priestesshood. The rose became the initiate priest’s symbol for aligned communion with Mary Magdalene. It was then that a source seal formed in their energy field to consecrate the completion of their training.

Through the eyes of Mary Magdalene as channelled through this text, the men initiated into her mysteries and the goddess mysteries were blessed through every expression of the sacred feminine in Creation.

Men, priests and kings have never been separate from the Order of The Magdalene Priesthood or the sacred feminine mysteries of Creation, they have secretly waiting, moving, preparing and reawakening to their true relationship with the Goddess and Mary Magdalene.