The Grail Priesthood

The Grail Priesthood is an ancient collective of souls that are deeply connected and united with the Higher Mysteries of Avalon and Gaia’s Priesthood. “Grail” refers to the original agreement and merging of Spirit and Matter through the land and earth. As such, The Grail Priesthood is deeply interwoven with the Sacred Feminine Mysteries of Creation that restore balance, fertility and harmony throughout the planes of Creation.


From a earthly perspective, this collective is the gathering and community of Men that are embracing the unique expression of their Priesthood, Mastery and Embodied Presence as Spirit incarnate on earth at this time. This community serves as a gateway for all men to further develop themselves as priests, kings and channels for spirit through a pure and clear template and container facilitating the collective advancement and growth of the Masculine as a whole.


More specifically, The Grail Priesthood is for men that are ready to take responsibility for their power, gifts and presence at this time on the earth plane.


This takes place through online community and in person consisting of Activations, Healings, Transmissions, Priest Trainings and Initiations. All of which are to facilitate the anchoring of Original Covenant of Brotherhood and to meet the Sacred Feminine through a sphere of wholeness, purity and alignment.


For those stepping into The Grail Priesthood there will be an Initiation into the Order of The White Rose of Creation.