Scion of Light Healing Mystery School®




Scion is an ancient mystery school that was anchored in Gaia Ashtara’s 8th millennium. It was anchored through the temple arts of Osiris and Isis. They anchored the pillars of this temple and mystery school which has now been inherited by Solomon.

 Scion as a mystery school facilitates the advancement of souls through their soul lessons, growth and expansion through the healing arts and mysteries of Osiris and Isis. This takes place through each level/tier through the 3 paths.


The Path of Osiris – The Resurrection Mysteries


The Resurrection Mysteries of Osiris hold the keys for the resurrection, reunification and rebirth of all aspects of the self through all planes, dimensions and layers into unified wholeness.


The Path of Isis – The Phoenix Mysteries


The Phoenix Mysteries of Isis hold the keys to the mastery of your innate and natural healing abilities through the Scion of Light Healing modality and attunements. This is the path of anchoring the highest aspects of the self as healing artists, practitioners and wayshowers of the path of healing.


The Path of White Magic – The High Path Mysteries


The high path mysteries hold the keys to the anchoring of the highest aspects of the self through the practice of high magic, source templating and keycoding as a conduit of divine love.

ABOUT Scion of Light Healing ®


Scion of Light Healing is a universal healing modality channeled from Source and anchored through the 9th dimension through Solomon. The modality and bandwidth itself is bridged and anchored through the 9th dimension. 


It facilitates the anchoring and embodiment of the highest aspects of the self through the Emerald Source frequencies. Students and practitioners can expect the subtle re-unification with aspects of the self as a natural part of being attuned to the bandwidth and frequency.


The Healing Initiations are passed on in 3 different stages.


Level 1, Level 2 and The Mastership 

Level 1 Healing Initiation

Exchange: £1111

Level 2 Healing Initiation


Exchange: £1222


The Scion of Light Healing Attunement and the first initiation has opened my spiritual door to a whole new level. I have noticed changes around trust, self-assurance, self-worth and a stronger ability to stay centered in myself. It has increased my intuitive awareness, and enhanced my innate psychic sensitivity. This has helped me to become an even better vessel for transformational shifts in my clients, as a coach. During my life I have experienced many healing styles and practiced many different transformational techniques, but The Scion of Light Healing is one of the most powerful experiences I have ever encountered. If you are ready, it will lift you up to a new dimension, in all areas of your life.
Karin Tyden
Mindhacker, multi-award-winning coach
The Scion of Light activation and attunement to the Emerald Ray healing light was a deep and powerful experience for me. Solomon is a divinely guided and embodied keeper of these codes, and each activation is carried out with great awareness of the readiness of the receiver. After this, I received a manual of instructions and further information on what this attunement means, and how best to integrate and work with the energies. I highly recommend this if you feel the calling. I work with many people who channel energy and know Solomon to be of true light and he will empower you to embody your divine nature. I have felt held and safe throughout the whole experience. Thank you so much.
Ayana Etara
Sound Healer and Divine Channel
I started with karmic cleansing which led me to the Scion of Light healing course. The Scion of Light Healing course has made me a clearer channel of the higher energies which was noticeable straight after the Attunement and Initiation as I noticed my sensitivity for picking up on subtile things had increased. Energetically, the potency of my dreams have expanded too. I also feel a lot more in my power and centre as well as having great tools for my continuous work in the healing area. Solomon has a really strong presence also being calm and funny and I felt guided in a really gentle way. I can truly recommend Solomons healing services.
Anna Bergman
Teacher, Healer, Tantric Breathwork Practitioner