Psychic Protection

Quartz Platinum Protection Grids and Source Seals


The platinum quartz protection grids and source seals have been bridged into the earth plane through Solomon’s channel and communion with the quartz kingdom. Each grid and source seal gives the recipient a direct line to receiving spiritual and psychic protection through the crystalline quartz family and kingdom. Its platinum light frequency supports the energetic stability of the psyche and energy bodies through the inner spiritual planes. The triple-platinum frequency is the highest crystalline light in Creation, it serves to neutralise the intent to interfere and distort the energetic peace and alignment of the receiver.

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The High Priestess Quartz Protection Sealing Grid and Source Seal

The high priestess quartz protection sealing grid seals off the initiate high priestess’ energy field from the practices of lower magic, energetic enslavement and the transference of distorted key codes through interference. It removes all fallen temple inversions, spells and curses directed towards the energy field of the recipient of the quartz protection grid and source seal through banishing and redirection.

Exchange: £444

The Triple Platinum Quartz Etheric and Astral Protection Grid

This quartz protection grid protects the etheric and astral blindspots of the initiate through the inner planes of Creation. By repelling, redirecting and banishing, this quartz grid protects the psychic and energetic stability of the recipient. It is tailored to all spiritual practitioners, psychic mediums and energy healers who work consciously through planes to serve others. 

Exchange: £222

The Solar Quartz Divine Channel Protection Grid

This solar quartz protection grid and source seal energetically seals the divine channel of the receiver from all currents, templates and matrixes running interference in the psychic field. The solar quartz frequency aligns the receiver’s divine channel to the highest truth, unconditional love and advanced fore-sight through the inner spiritual planes. Acting as a gate and buffer through the divine channel, this grid neutralises the cording and weaving of advanced thought forms into the higher chakras of the recipient of this protection grid.

Exchange: £255