Magdalene Priest Training 2024

Magdalene Priest training


The Magdalene Priest Training is to initiate men into the order of the Magdalene Priesthood through the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine and Goddess. As each initiate priest is trained to serve the feminine in communion with Source and the Goddess.


This sacred container is to facilitate the transition from Manhood to Priesthood through the sacred feminine mysteries of Creation with the Goddess.


This is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and connection to the Magdalene Mysteries, to be initiated into the Magdalene Mysteries and to fully claim, embody and step into your Priesthood as the Divine Masculine incarnate. 


Steeped in feminine magic the Magdalene is laced with Red, Blue, White and Black, the role of the Magdalene Priesthood has always been to hold and facilitate the anchoring of the sacred feminine. This is the way and the path of the Magdalene Priest.


This is for those ready and prepared to fully embrace their Priesthood and connection to the Divine Mother, Goddess and Sacred Feminine. 

The Details


The training and initiation will be held over a 1 year period throughout 2024. Including guided journeys in and throughout the land of Avalon (Glastonbury, UK) and Scotland. 


Dates : September 2023 – September 2024


Exchange : £2222

Magdalene Priest Training Registration