Eton Mystery School®



Eton is a mystery school dedicated to The Protection Arts of Creation. This mystery school and the protection arts are for those gatekeepers, light-bearers and graduates of the eternal heaven mysteries that are ready to accept higher responsibility for the codes, templates and seeds that they hold through their presence on the earth plane. 

The Protection Arts, therefore, exist for the stabilisation and anchoring of divine protection, psychic protection and higher dimensional protection through the energy field and bodies for for deeper alignment to path and mission in this lifetime.

There are 3 paths of Initiation available through The Protection arts, 


The Path of The White Cross

The path of the white cross is for those that are ready to step into galactic guardianship and the angelic priest/priestesshood through the arts.


The Path of The Blue Cross

The path of the blue cross is for those that are ready to embrace guardianship throughout Gaia’s  temples, universal springs, sacred mounds and temple complexes through the land and body of the earth.


The Path of The High Temple Arts

The path of the high temple arts exists for the preservation and anchoring of the original undistorted temple temple codes and teachings.


This initiation offers individual’s the opportunity to deeply refine their knowledge of the arcane through a pure and clear container. This involves the basics of practising with divine protection, psychic protection and the fundamentals of magic.