Eternal Heaven Mystery School®



The Eternal Heaven Mystery School is a Mystery School that makes space for all souls to be released from all distorted space-time continuums,  matrix templates and domains that limit, resist and obstruct the advancement of souls into their highest potential. This takes place through the dissolution of all karma debts and distorted templates through alignment and access to the system of heavenly laws that govern all of creation. 


These laws represent the 4 quarters of Creation that create the foundation for the birthing, stabilisation and regulation of existence experiencing itself. They are the Axis Pillars of Creation that govern the alignment of all things present in ones life as a unified co-creation with Source and the Divine.  These laws are…

The Law of Dao

The Law of Dao is the Law of Right Action and Unified Alignment to Path.

The Law of Earth

The Law of Earth is the Law of Unified Alignment to Right Timing and Gaia Ashtaras Womb, Rhythms and Cycles.

Law of Infinity

The Law of Infinity is the Law of Actualised Abundance and Unified Alignment to The Infinite.

Law of Light

The Law of Light is the Law of Right Intention, Actualised Awareness and Unified Presence. 




Each initiation is to be taken separately as each gateway opens the door to the cosmic potential of your Source Field. This is because nature of the Eternal Heaven Mysteries carries a Quantum Source Codex that contains universes of Source Energy, if taken all at once it would destabilise the physical energetic foundations of those enrolled.


Initiation for every law is available to those who feel called to deepen their relationship to Creation through the Eternal Heaven Mysteries. There is no time limit or set course for the field of each initiation taken as the duration of the integration of each divine law, truth and source code varies depending on the individual.


In preparation to receive the Induction and Source Attunement there will be a 30 minute transmission to lay the energetic foundation for the initiation as a whole.

What to expect


  • Initiation Ceremony, Induction through the Eternal Heaven Mysteries and Source Attunement.

  • Source Manual for each divine law for students to work with in their own time for the anchoring, integration and embodiment of the initiation.

  • 5 private 1 hour guidance sessions through alignment to the chosen law. 

Exchange : £1111

More Information


The Eternal Heaven Mystery School was channeled and anchored through Solomon as a result of higher initiation through the land in Egypt/Kemet. This took place through the bridging of Source Codes, Heavenly Laws and Creation Multiverses into his body, field and every day life.


It’s from this place that he offers and holds the Eternal Heaven Mysteries for those that feel the call embrace and welcome the Higher Mysteries of Creation into their everyday lives.