Awen Mystery School®



Awen is the original name of the Royal Light Tribe that seeded Gaia Ashtara’s Royal Bloodlines through and onto the earth-plane.


The Awen Mystery School is a mystery school dedicated to the Royal Bloodline Mysteries of Creation. This includes Gaia Ashtara’s Royal Bloodlines and the Supernal and Galactic bloodline lineages that have been seeded onto the earth-plane. It is a mystery school that facilitates the spiritual advancement of souls through the planes through deeper initiation into their bodies and blood. 


Originally, each Royal Bloodline when seeded was held and anchored in ascended, pure and advanced energy fields however over time the divine purity, power and truth of these bloodlines became inverted and distorted. This mystery school holds the original primordial truth of these Royal Bloodline seeding and codes in undistorted purity, light and truth.


This is held through a pure and clear container through Solomon who has advanced through these mysteries himself and now holds the Awen Mystery School and teaches/offers Royal Bloodline Mysteries to those ready to embark on this journey.




There are 3 levels of initiation available. Each level and stage will initiate students into a higher embodiment and deepened acceptance and knowing of who they really are. Receiving and accepting these initiations into the Royal Bloodline Mysteries means stepping into deeper communion with Source, Gaia and Creation through the deepest quarters and chambers of the body as a multidimensional vessel of Creation.


Level 1, Level 2 and The Unified Mastership


There are 5 spaces available for each round of initiation. The next upcoming round of initiation begins on the 13th of January 2022. For more information on spaces dates use the registration form below.


Level 1


This is for those that have already started their ancestral healing journey through their lineage and are ready to step into deepened embodiment through physical presence and for those ready to activate the Royal Bloodline coding dormant within themselves.

What to expect


  • A Clear and Sacred Container for self transformation and ascension.


  • 5 Group calls consisting of transmission and energetic healing though the Ancestral Lines.


  • An induction and initiation ceremony into The Royal Bloodline Mysteries of Creation.


  • A Manual and Code to further facilitate your alignment to the Initiation being taken.

Level 2


This is for those that are ready to embrace the fullness of their highest potential of their Soul Lineage through the Royal Bloodline Mysteries of Creation. This includes the continued expansion of the quota of Source energy being held in the body through Gaia Ashtara’s Royal Bloodlines.



What to expect
  • A Unification ceremony for the integration of the Matriarchal and Patriarchal Spheres within the body and throughout the Soul Lineage.


  • 5 Group Calls including Transmission, Activation and Purification of the Royal Bloodline Coding in the body.


  • Private 1-2-1 individual appointments for each student and initiate for the anchoring of higher energetic stability and balance.


Exchange : £999