Avalon Priest Training 2024

Avalon Priest training 2024


The Avalon Priest Training is for men that are ready to step into service and communion with the land of Avalon. This communion relates to the deepening of your relationship to land and the service speaks to the honouring, stewardship, guardianship and offering of presence in service to The Great Spirit and The Great Mystery of Creation through the land.


This training is for all who have heard the call of The Lady of The Lake and The Lady of Avalon and are being called to step into their priesthood with her.


The Priesthood play an important role in balancing the primordial feminine codes in the land. This is because the sacred masculine and Priesthood are not separate from the sacred feminine, the Goddess and the land. There are 3 spirals and layers of initiation through the Avalon Priest Training, each spiral as a gateway through the lessons, experience, knowledge and embodied mastery for the integration of the initiation. They are as follows…


Stewardship – High Guardianship – High Priesthood


The Stewardship


The Stewardship is for those ready to embrace the codes of the land into their lives, temples, bodies and hearts as they begin their journey of unifying with the land through deepening their relationship and remembering in conscious awareness and co-creation with the mysteries of Creation. It is the first layer of unifying with the land through communion, ritual and initiation.


The High Guardianship


The High Guardianship is for those ready to embrace their knighthood as guardians, protectors and pillars for The Lady of The Lake, the land, Gaia and Avalon. This includes initiations through the planes and dimensions into the psychic arts for divine protection, templating and the receiving of the tools, lessons, knowledge and experience necessary to hold the original template of Avalon through the land in a safe, pure and clear container.

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