About The High Temple

The High Temple is a devotional space dedicated to the mysteries of Creation and the temple arts. The temple prepares initiate’s for their anchored service throughout the earth plane.

From priest trainings to mystery school initiations, The High Temple serves as a divine outpost for initiate’s spiritual development and training ready to take more responsibility for their gifts and path.

About Solomon

Solomon Arthur Kingston is a Seraphim, Oracle, High Priest and Author.

His awakening journey began through a Soul Walk-In at the age of 16. This spurred his journey into remembering through self-actualisation and his studies of mysteries of Creation and the ancient temple mastery paths that serve all things on the earth plane.

As a channel and beacon of light, he offers initiations into ancient mystery schools founded through Gaia Ashtara many millennia ago and priest trainings for men ready to begin their journey into full remembering through communion with the land and the earth.

As a high priest, he serves the liberation and advancement of consciousness through the inner planes of Creation. Each offering is a prayer and invocation for all souls to fully return to their primordial innocence and purity.